Rent or buy?

Renting a property will at first glance seem like the logical start when getting to know the in’s-and-out’s of living in The Netherlands, particularly in finding your way in a city like Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht or Rotterdam, to name just a few. A rental is quite an easy, convenient and flexible option when arriving as an expatriate in Holland. You can take some time to explore several areas  of the country with its historical cities, business centra, infrastructure and landscapes such as woods, lakes, sea dunes and polder dykes and then decide where you would like to live for a longer period of time. However, renting is a fairly costly affair, especially when being limited to choosing from the most expensive part of the rental market: short term lets.

When planning to stay in The Netherlands for a couple of years or in case you see opportunities by developing a real estate portfolio, a serious option may be to buy a property.

In this economic climate, you’ll find there’s less competition when looking to buy than when renting. You’ll have both significant tax incentives and the long-term benefits of owning your own home. On top of that, interest rates are at a historic low, making mortgages appealingly affordable.

Monthly payments for your mortgage could be significantly lower than rental payments for a similar property, especially if you take into account the Dutch mortgage tax relief. In general there are no limitations to foreigners owning property in the country. Looking at the longer term, the Dutch housing market is expected to continue strengthening over the coming years, thanks to continuation of low interest rates, an increased consumer confidence and improving economic conditions.

So, are you going to rent or buy?  COMPARE RENTING WITH BUYING A HOUSE