Basic workflow

Meeting, in person or online

When you are visiting or already living in the Netherlands we suggest arranging a meeting in person to get a clear picture of your wishes. We’ll talk you through any relevant steps you’ll need to take, we’ll discuss the possibilities available on the market and choose the best strategy towards securing the right property for you. We’ll also determine the ideal package of services and provide you with a clear picture of the fees for our services. A fee will only be due when you have actually purchased your new home: ExpatPurchase offers you their services at “no-purchase-no-fee”. Should a visit not be possible, this first step can very well be taken by e-mail, telephone, WhatsApp and/or Skype.


If both you and ExpatPurchase are confident about a successful collaboration we can get started! We will set up the assignment document, clearly outlining our mutual agreement about the services provided and any further conditions during our property search.

Searching the market

We scan the entire real estate market within the pre-determined search criteria and subsequently provide you with an overview of both suitable ánd available- properties with detailed, relevant information.

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Together we select the best options. ExpatPurchase arranges the appointments for viewings with the house owners or their agencies.


We will accompany you personally when viewing the properties and evaluate these viewings afterwards, helping you to make the best decisions. During our househunt we will inform you about any in’s and out’s of the various options. At the same time we will get to know your personal preferences better with each property visit and be able to tailor future visits accordingly.

Basic workflow : viewings


Should you be interested in buying one of the selected, viewed properties we will discuss the conditions for buying this specific house and decide on the best approach to negotiate its purchase. An offer will be made and the negotiation process will be carried out with the property owner or his agent in order to achieve the best deal for you.


To make sure that both the property you’re about to buy and the attached paperwork will all be in order, we’ll introduce you to a choice of solid, carefully selected construction engineers and notaries.

ExpatPurchase new built properties near Amsterdam pano

Financing and taxes

We can assist you with both finding the most appropriate financial package for you and exploring the tax implications of your purchase, by introducing you to well reputed mortgage and tax advisors.

Agreement and settlement

When a mutual agreement has been reached all relevant information will be collected and you will be sent a letter of intent to sign. ExpatPurchase will screen every document and contract and will accompany you to the notary’s office when signing the deed of purchase. An appointment for the final delivery date and hour will be made during this meeting.

After inspecting the house or apartment on the delivery date we will attend the final meeting with the vendor at the notary’s office. The delivery deed will then be signed and we’ll celebrate handing over of the keys of your new property. From that moment on you can say that you have actually bought a property in The Netherlands, your property.

Agreement and settlement , signing the deed of purchase

Finishing and furnishing

Rather not ship all of your furnishings from abroad? Our business partners can provide you with a custom fit interior, from simple essentials up to a full, tastefully combined inventory with luxury furniture and accessories. In case you want small things changed or indeed a full remodelling done to your property we will be happy to arrange this for you too.