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Buying a property in The Netherlands

Thinking about buying a residential property in The Netherlands? If so, you will certainly benefit  from the assistance and knowledge of a professional at your side: a real estate purchase is one of the major decisions in life and any Dutch habits and rules, that might be quite different from the ones you’re used to, will be explained and taken care of by us.

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ExpatPurchase specializes in assisting internationals and will be happy to accompany you in your search by scanning the entire market, selecting the best opportunities available, viewing selected properties, checking any relevant issues and negotiating the purchase of your permanent or temporary residence. We will guide you through the entire process from beginning til completion. Even finishings and furnishings can be arranged for you, if you would like, after the purchase has been concluded…. ExpatPurchase are ready to offer their fully independent services and will only charge a fee when your purchase is successfully completed: no purchase-no pay.

A succesful cooperation will always be based on mutual trust, our wide ranging expertise, clear agreements, extensive service and a personal click. Let’s just arrange a meeting to find out if we are going be the right partner for you too!

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