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Are you considering buying a residential property in The Netherlands? ExpatPurchase will be the perfect purchase realtor to connect with. Being an agency that is specialized exclusively  in assisting expatriates in their Dutch property search we are able to help you, every step of the way when buying a house in The Netherlands.

As you can imagine the Dutch customs, procedures and rules can be quite different from the ones you’re used to; our job is to lead you smoothly through this unfamiliar territory.

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We will not charge any initial registration or start-up fees.

No purchase-no fee

Should our cooperation not end up in a real estate purchase no fee will be charged.

No conflict of interest

In the Netherlands it is common to have a purchasing and selling realtor. ExpatPurchase is solely an acquisitional realtor, acting on your behalf. With no portfolio of properties for sale or rent it has no conflict of interest. The company will only serve you,  the purchasing client.

The complete process of your Dutch property search with ExpatPurchase -from initial orientation to final delivery- will be explained to you in clear steps. We’ll scan the entire local property market, select and view with you the best possibilities and also handle the purchase of your perfect residence.

We can also guide you to find reliable mortgage advisors, specialized notaries, the best contractors, tax specialists etc., who will be able to assist you with the necessary arrangements and paperwork, attached to your Dutch property search.

Please contact us straight away, we’re looking forward to being at your service.

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