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World First UK study reveils:

The Netherlands is the most lucrative buy-to-let property hotspot in the EU.

You might have thought it would be somewhere coastal on the Mediterranean, or a country better-known for its second home culture such as Italy or France. But the most lucrative buy-to-let market in the European Union turns out to be the modest, not-so-hilly, tulip-saturated Netherlands.

With the EU’s highest rental yield rate in April, at 6.57 per cent, the Netherlands comes out on top, beating the close second and third locations of Belgium (6.47 per cent) and Portugal (6.29 per cent), according to research conducted by fintech business World First UK.


1. Netherlands (6.57 per cent)

2. Belgium (6.47 per cent)

3. Portugal (6.29 per cent)

4. Hungary (6.21 per cent)

5. Turkey (6.13 per cent)

6. Slovakia (6.07 per cent)

7. Bulgaria (5.99 per cent)

8. Malta (5.90 per cent)

9. Cyprus (5.41 per cent)

10. Ireland (5.34 per cent)

Edward Hardy, market analyst at World First said:

“With the recent changes to stamp duty tax for buy-to-let landlords, UK property investors looking to add to their portfolio might want to consider looking further afield to get the best returns. Our research shows that within the EU, the Netherlands, with relatively affordable property prices, holds the highest level of returns in Europe.

On the other hand, countries that have policies in place to regulate rental prices like Sweden and Germany offer relatively low yields for investors.

Our research also shows that locations which may be appealing to British tourists aren’t necessarily the best options for property investors to get the most from their investments. Popular tourist and expat destinations like France, Italy and Spain rank relatively low on our buy-to-let scale.”

Source: City A.M, deputy night editor Francesca Washtell.
Published: May 16th 2016.

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