How to buy a house in the Netherlands

In this section we explain in 5 steps how to buy a house in the Netherlands

No single purchase will have a personal impact that does come anywhere near to buying a home. When even starting to think about the option of purchasing your own property, besides practical and financial issues all kinds of emotions if not even romantic feelings will immediately pop-up. And that’s good! After all the new place will become your centre of the world for a considerable period of time. Here’s how you’ll only have to follow 5 clear steps to make sure the home of your choice will live up to your expectations and dreams by building your plans on a solid base.

5 steps to your property purchase

  1. Set up a list of requirements and preferences, in order of importance. This will help you find the ideal house and make it easier to adjust your search criteria when necessary. Key items: location, size, number of bedrooms, outside space, parking, (international) schools, shopping, distance and travel time to commute and future options for the property.
  2. Make sure you get access to all relevant information by attaching to a personal advisor who can both inform you extensively and introduce you to a specialized professional in any necessary part of the process. Your acquisitional realtor will be the ideal person for the job, since he or she will be at your side during the entire search and purchase, supporting you from an objective perspective and in your interest only, not the vendor’s. Some will put this step on 3, 4 or even 5, but as you will read below in all these steps your personal advisor can play an important, if not decisive role.
  3. Take your time and create or extend your flexible temporary residence first. When renting a property in the Netherlands do have your  rental contract checked on its flexibility by your personal advisor in order to avoid unnecessary costs. To be able to do your search from a safe and solid situation will give you the opportunity to make any decision pressure-free.
  4. Get a good picture of your financial reach. This might include meeting with a mortgage consultant, who should be specialized in arranging financing for internationals when buying property in the Netherlands. Your acquisitional realtor will help you find your way to the right person or company.
  5. Discuss both your budget and search criteria with your realtor, who will arrange and attend all viewings at the selected properties and negotiate the best purchase price and conditions for you. He or she will also perform research on ownership, leased or privately owned ground, clauses and other legal aspects, home owner’s association’s “health”, monumental status, environmental issues etc.  When all lights are on green your agent will guide you through the entire process from purchase contract, technical survey, notary choice until final delivery and hand-over of the keys.

We, at ExpatPurchase would be more than happy to be this personal advisor and acquisitional realtor in your search and purchase, to answer all questions on how to buy a house in the Netherlands and to guide you to the house of your dreams. Let’s get in touch without obligation and see if we will be the right partner at your side.