Buying a property in Haarlem

Getting on the property ladder in Haarlem

Are you currently either renting a house or apartment or on the edge of moving to the Western part of the Netherlands? Will it not really be necessary to live in Amsterdam but would looking for better and affordable options around Amsterdam seem appealing too? Would Haarlem seem an attractive city to you? Then you might (or should) consider buying a property in Haarlem instead of spending large amounts of money every month on a costly rental…

ExpatPurchase buying a property in Haarlem

Instead of renting a house, buying a property in Haarlem will offer you these substantial advantages:

You will have:

  • significant tax incentives
  • less expenses for the same type of house or
  • a much larger place at the same monthly costs
  • the possibility to have the current low interest rate fixed for many years
  • freedom to make any changes to the property
  • long-term benefits of building up your personal capital
  • no yearly rental increase
  • the possibility to rent out in the future


We will help you find the ideal location, property type and size at the best price

With ExpatPurchase at your side you will quickly get a full overview of chances, possibilities and essential information to take into account when looking for the best mix of location, price and property type. We look forward to assisting you!

ExpatPurchase has specialized in assisting expatriates when buying a property in Haarlem. We only charge for our services on successful completion of your property purchase: no purchase-no fee.