Amsterdam canal view apartment

Dream or real option?

Top on many people’s list of dreams when moving to The Netherlands will certainly be to stay in an Amsterdam canal view apartment. Lots of history, shopping, restaurants, bars, all packed in a truly unbeatable atmosphere. Over the years we, at ExpatPurchase have managed to turn these dreams into reality for our customers.

ExpatPurchase Amsterdam canal view apartment 2

Go for a rental or privately own your accommodation?

Rentals in this part of town will unfortunately be extremely expensive and choice of quality apartments very limited usually. If financially possible, a far better option would be to purchase a canal view property. Even at the high sqm prices attached, your choice to buy a house or apartment in this area will prove to be a rock solid investment for the future:

Advantages of buying an Amsterdam canal view apartment  instead of renting

You will have:

  • significant tax incentives
  • less expenses for the same type of home or
  • a much larger home at the same monthly costs
  • the possibility to have the current low interest rate fixed for many years
  • no yearly rental increase
  • the possibility to rent it out in the future
  • freedom to make any changes to the property
  • long-term benefits of building up your personal capital

ExpatPurchase Amsterdam canal view apartment

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities when looking for the best mix of location, price and property type that your money can buy. We look forward to assisting you!

ExpatPurchase specializes in assisting expatriates when buying a property in Amsterdam. We only charge for our services on successful completion of your property purchase.